Located in Pasir Mas, about 40 km southwest of Kota Bharu via the Pasir Mas – Rantau Panjang (3) Federal Road. It borders Thailand and serves as a major gateway between the two countries.

Public Transportation:

The main route is serviced by SKMK Bus No. 29 from Pasir Mas or Kota Bharu with a fare of RM 2.70 and RM 3.50 respectively, with an estimated journey time of half an hour. You can also catch a cab in Pasir Mas or Kota Bharu, but this will cost you RM 15 and RM 25 respectively.

 Kawasan Zon Bebas Cukai   Pusat Membeli Belah Rantau Panjang


It is a famous shopping haven in Kelantan. Since being declared a Duty Free Zone in 2002, its mostly an attraction for domestic tourists. You can get anything from electronics to clothes and kitchenware at affordable prices. You won’t find a problem finding a money changer, ATM machines and other such conveniences. Apart from being a shopping destination, Rantau Panjang also serves as a gateway to Thailand, via Golok town.

Lokasi Rantau Panjang