Bandar Pasir Mas  Bandar Pasir Mas

According to the legend of how Pasir Mas got its name, the area was first opened for settlement by Che Leh Ismail, better known as Che Leh Tok Pendekar. He was forced to move to Pasir Mas after his land in Kota Bharu was take by the Sultan for the purpose of building his palace. At the same time, a religious teacher from Bachok, came to conduct classes in Pasir Mas.

Pasir Mas is one of 10 territories in the great state of Kelantan, located in the north, bordering the territory of Tumpat, with Tanah Merah to the south, Sungai Kelantan and the territory of Kota Bharu to the east, and Sungai Golok, Thailand to the west.

The religious teacher later returned to Bachok after conducting the class, and several days after his departure, 3 bowls filled to the brim with gold, miraculously appeared in the undergrowth. The bowls, according to legend, started spinning, forming a vortex in the undergrowth, and causing the shocked residents to exclaim ‘Mas! Mas!’. The ‘pasir’ part of the name, which means sand literally, is derived from the site of this miraculous finding, made up of vast sand dunes on the banks of Sungai Kelantan. Thus Pasir and Mas were merged together to form the name that we know today.


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