Acts of Parliament adopted by the Pasir Mas District Council (MDPM)

1. Acts of Parliament adopted by the Pasir Mas District Council (MDPM)

The Local Government Act 1976 is a parliament act which outlines the form, organisational structure, roles and responsibilities of the Council comprehensively. Among the matters outlined in this act include the following :

a) Provide Efficient and Effective Town Services:

Bullet Solid Waste Management
Bullet Cleaning and Beautification of Areas
Bullet Drainage and Ditch Maintenance
Bullet Road Construction and Maintenance
Bullet Maintenance of Public Buildings
Bullet Maintenance of Public Places
Bullet Protection and Control of Public Health
Bullet Maintenance of Cemetery Lands

b) Power to create By-laws and rules

c) To manage and control all financial provisions received:

Bullet Tax Assessment
Bullet  Licence Fees and Fines
Bullet  Launching Grants
Bullet Annual Grant using Equilibrium Method
Bullet Grant for Development Projects
Bullet Road Maintenance Grant

d) To implement development projects at local level:
Bullet Housing
Bullet Industrial and Commercial
Bullet Recreational Facilities
Bullet Urban Infrastructure

2. Town and Country Planning Act, 1976 (Act 172)

Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) acts and functions as an instrument of land use planning within the local area. Among the functions and authority of the council under this act are:

a) The council plays the role as the Local Planning Authority for its administration area.

b) Manage, control and plan developments and the re-use of lands and buildings within its areas.

c) To conduct and encourage collection, maintenance and publication of statistics, bulletins and monographs and other articles related to the town and country planning, as well as the methodologies.

3. Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133)

The Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133) is the act which authorises the Council in matters pertaining to irrigation management, maintenance of urban roads and public buildings. Among the authority of the council under this act are:

a) Approval of Building Plans

b) Exercise control to ensure that land works carried out comply with all the specified requirements.
c) Memastikan Pembinaan Sesuatu Bangunan Adalah Mengikut Pelan Yang Diluluskan

d) Ensure that the construction of a building is in accordance with the approved plan.

e) Control the use of flammable materials in the construction of buildings

f) Provision of infrastructure for developments

g) Control over buildings in danger

h) Scheduled inspections of completed buildings

i) Issuance of Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO)

4. Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333)
Under this act, the Council is empowered to make orders relating to public roads in its area of jurisdiction including orders such as vehicular parking procedures, and prohibition of road usage within the Council area.